Effective Resource Allocation Technique to Improve QoS in 5G Wireless Network

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Electronics (Switzerland)


A 5G wireless network requires an efficient approach to effectively manage and segment the resource. A Centralized Radio Access Network (CRAN) is used to handle complex distributed networks. Specific to network infrastructure, multicast communication is considered in the performance of data storage and information-based network connectivity. This paper proposes a modified Resource Allocation (RA) scheme for effectively handling the RA problem using a learning-based Resource Segmentation (RS) technique. It uses a modified Random Forest Algorithm (RFA) with Signal Interference and Noise Ratio (SINR) and position coordinates to obtain the position coordinates of end-users. Further, it predicts Modulation and Coding Schemes (MCS) for establishing a connection between the end-user device and the Remote Radio Head (RRH). The proposed algorithm depends on the accuracy of positional coordinates for the correctness of the input parameters, such as SINR, based on the position and orientation of the antenna. The simulation analysis renders the efficiency of the proposed technique in terms of throughput and energy efficiency.

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