Impact of strengths model training and supervision on the therapeutic practice of Australian mental health clinicians

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International Journal of Mental Health Nursing


This study explored the impact of Strengths Model training, supervision and mentorship on the practice of a group of multi-disciplinary mental health clinicians that included mental health nurses, social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists. A qualitative approach that combined critical realism and grounded theory was used. The findings demonstrated how a substantive category, Getting to Know Clients Better, facilitated participants' progression through a basic social psychological process, Becoming a Strengths-Informed Practitioner. This process consisted of a discernible and sustained change towards more person-centred, hopeful, and recovery-oriented practice. The findings also described an underlying generative mechanism for this, the Client Becomes Visible, which accorded with theoretical models of empathy, based on enhanced cognitive processing. The strength-based approach to practice facilitated the establishment of a collaborative relationship and a stronger therapeutic alliance between the client and clinician. The research demonstrated that Strengths Model is an effective vehicle for improving recovery-orientated mental health services.

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