Bi-Morphological Form of SiO2 on a Separator for Modulating Li-Ion Solvation and Self-Scavenging of Li Dendrites in Li Metal Batteries

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ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


The lithium (Li) metal anode is highly desirable for high-energy density batteries. During prolonged Li plating-stripping, however, dendritic Li formation and growth are probabilistically high, allowing physical contact between the two electrodes, which results in a cell short-circuit. Engineering the separator is a promising and facile way to suppress dendritic growth. When a conventional coating approach is applied, it usually sacrifices the bare separator structure and severely increases the thickness, ultimately decreasing the volumetric density. Herein, we introduce dielectric silicon oxide with the feature of bi-morphological form, i.e., backbone-covered and backbone-anchored, onto the conventional polyethylene separator without any volumetric change. These functionally vary the Li+ transference number and the ionic conductivity so as to modulate Li-ion solvation and self-scavenging of Li dendrites. The proposed separator paves the way to maximizing the full cell performance of Li/NCM622 toward practical application.

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NRF- 2020R1A2C1005852

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Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning



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