Correspondence on “Crystalline Porous Organic Salt for Ultrarapid Adsorption/Desorption-Based Atmospheric Water Harvesting by Dual Hydrogen Bond System”

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Angewandte Chemie - International Edition


In a recent Research Article, Ben and co-workers reported a hydrogen-bonded framework prepared from a 4+ tetra-amidinium component and a 4− tetra-sulfonate component, termed CPOS-6. They showed that CPOS-6 could reversibly adsorb and desorb water over a narrow humidity window, and that this material offered potential for applications in atmospheric water harvesting. This conclusion was supported by experiments that showed the material was stable over 50 adsorption/desorption cycles and that the kinetics of these cycles were very rapid. In this Correspondence we present additional structural data regarding this framework in both its hydrated and dehydrated states and thus discern the mechanism of water binding. These data do not disagree with Ben and co-workers’ findings: rather they emphasise how remarkable the cyclability and rapid kinetics of adsorption/desorption are, as these processes involve a complete crystal-to-crystal rearrangement of the framework.

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