Manganese ion batteries: LiV3O8 nanorods as a robust and long-life cathode module

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Journal of Power Sources


Aqueous rechargeable batteries (ARBs) are the most dependable energy storage devices (ESDs) due to their tremendous safety and cost-efficiency. The recent invention of the usage of extremely cheaper and high-capacity metallic Mn to construct aqueous manganese ion batteries (AMIBs) shows great promise for the eco-friendly society. However, AMIBs are still in the early stages and their practical utilities need significant achievements on the Mn2+ storing modules. This study demonstrates the competence of a layered-type LiV3O8 (LVO) as cathode material for AMIBs and its reversible electrochemical storage properties of Mn2+ ions. The preliminary electrochemical results (65 mAh g−1 at 5 A g−1 with 88% capacity retention after 9990 cycles and 45 mAh g−1 at 6 A g−1 with 85% capacity retention after 30,000 cycles) are highly encouraging that the layered type materials are the first-choice cathode for AMIBs.

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