An integrated Mg battery-powered iontophoresis patch for efficient and controllable transdermal drug delivery

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Nature Communications


Wearable transdermal iontophoresis eliminating the need for external power sources offers advantages for patient-comfort when deploying epidermal diseases treatments. However, current self-powered iontophoresis based on energy harvesters is limited to support efficient therapeutic administration over the long-term operation, owing to the low and inconsistent energy supply. Here we propose a simplified wearable iontophoresis patch with a built-in Mg battery for efficient and controllable transdermal delivery. This system decreases the system complexity and form factors by using viologen-based hydrogels as an integrated drug reservoir and cathode material, eliminating the conventional interface impedance between the electrode and drug reservoir. The redox-active polyelectrolyte hydrogel offers a high energy density of 3.57 mWh cm−2, and an optimal bioelectronic interface with ultra-soft nature and low tissue-interface impedance. The delivery dosage can be readily manipulated by tuning the viologen hydrogel and the iontophoresis stimulation mode. This iontophoresis patch demonstrates an effective treatment of an imiquimod-induced psoriasis mouse. Considering the advantages of being a reliable and efficient energy supply, simplified configuration, and optimal electrical skin-device interface, this battery-powered iontophoresis may provide a new non-invasive treatment for chronic epidermal diseases.

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CE 140100012

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