Region-Aware Hierarchical Latent Feature Representation Learning-Guided Clustering for Hyperspectral Band Selection

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IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics


Hyperspectral band selection aims to identify an optimal subset of bands for hyperspectral images (HSIs). For most existing clustering-based band selection methods, they directly stretch each band into a single feature vector and employ the pixelwise features to address band redundancy. In this way, they do not take full consideration of the spatial information and deal with the importance of different regions in HSIs, which leads to a nonoptimal selection. To address these issues, a region-aware hierarchical latent feature representation learning-guided clustering (HLFC) method is proposed. Specifically, in order to fully preserve the spatial information of HSIs, the superpixel segmentation algorithm is adopted to segment HSIs into multiple regions first. For each segmented region, the similarity graph is constructed to reflect the bands-wise similarity, and its corresponding Laplacian matrix is generated for learning low-dimensional latent features in a hierarchical way. All latent features are then fused to form a unified feature representation of HSIs. Finally, $k$ -means clustering is utilized on the unified feature representation matrix to generate multiple clusters from which the band with maximum information entropy is selected to form the final subset of bands. Extensive experimental results demonstrate that the proposed clustering method can achieve superior performance than the state-of-the-art representative methods on the band selection. The demo code of this work is publicly available at

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