Twist-stacked 2D bilayer Fe3GeTe2 with tunable magnetism

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Journal of Materials Chemistry C


Controlling magnetism in two-dimensional (2D) magnetic compounds is of great significance for potential applications in novel spintronic devices. Based on the van der Waals monolayer, twist-stacking of bilayers can lead to different interlayer magnetic ordering, which provides an additional way to tune the magnetism of a 2D system. In this work, an antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition is realized by applying a “twist-stacking” scheme, in which the two Fe3GeTe2 layers are rotated through a designed angle to form different stacking orders of Fe, Ge and Te. In addition, we demonstrate the manipulations of the electronic structure and charge transfer in a twist-stacked Fe3GeTe2 bilayer. By realizing different stacking orders of atoms, our twist-stacking scheme provides a platform for designing and manipulating 2D van der Waals magnetic systems.

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