A review of the effect of tungsten alloying on the microstructure and properties of steels

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the increasingly severe service environment makes people put forward higher requirements for the performance of alloy steel. Tungsten has unique properties such as excellent strength, high density and good hardness, and its addition as an alloying element will change the properties of alloy steel. This paper aims to summarize the effect of the addition of tungsten on the microstructure and mechanical properties of alloy steel. The background of research and application of tungsten alloyed steel is presented initially. Then, the preparation methods of tungsten alloyed steel are described. Next, the effect of tungsten incorporation on the microstructure of alloy steel is reviewed. Finally, the effects of tungsten addition on the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and hydrogen embrittlement resistance of the alloy steel are reviewed. This review provides an outlook on the development of tungsten alloyed steel, which will stimulate more in-depth research and ultimately promote the practical application of tungsten alloyed steel.

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