Socio-economic well-being of rural women in Dehradun district: An investigative method

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International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development


In India, like other developing countries, rural women make generous contribu-tions to the nation’s economy by earning directly or saving money indirectly. This study aims to explore rural women’s economic freedom and socio-economic well-being through various indicators like financial liberty, mobility freedom, family affairs, self-esteem and ownership-related factors. An investigation, in both a qualitative and a quantitative manner, was undertaken. For this purpose, the identification of women from four rural areas of Dehradun district – Mazri Grant, Dhakrani, Chharba and Misraspatti – for data collection and survey was done. A total of 848 women responded to the survey conducted using a combination of random and purposive sampling techniques by being in touch with the pradhan of a particular village. Forty-one per cent of respondents belong to the 18–24 age group category. About 55.2 per cent of respondents were involved in economic activities like farming, stitching, weaving, handicraft, service and nursing and caring. Of that 55.2 per cent, 84.9 per cent women are agreeing to have financial liberty at home. This investigative study reveals a positive relationship between financial liberties and working women, as well as a positive correlation (0.151) between rural women’s interest in art-craft work and mobility freedom. Women inclining towards art-craft have a high self-esteem, which promotes sustainability in their lives through art-craft workmanship. The study’s goals are to identify the rural women’s economic status through identified indicators and to offer recom-mendation keeping in purview the women’s demography, educational qualifica-tions and available government schemes.

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