Co-leadership to co-design in mental health-care ecosystems: what does it mean to us?

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Leadership in health services (Bradford, England)


PURPOSE: This study aims to demonstrate how service providers, service users and their families should be able to share the co-leadership, co-auspicing, co-ownership, and co-governance, of a the mental health-care ecosystem, at every level, as it develops upwards and wider, in a process of inclusivity, conviviality and polyphonic discourse, via the overlapping phases of co-creativity, codesign, co-production, co-delivery, co-evaluation, co-research and co-replication, to achieve outcomes of co-communal or organisational well-being. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: "Co-design" is shorthand code for encouraging multiple pathways and trajectories toward forming and sustaining a sparkling web or vibrant network of inclusive opportunities for stakeholder participation and a collaborative partnership in organizational development, in these circumstances, for more effective mental health services (MHSs). FINDINGS: In a co-design framework, all partners should be entitled to expect and "to have and to hold" an ongoing equal stake, voice and power in the discourse from start to finish, in a bottom-up process which is fostered by an interdisciplinary leadership group, providing the strong foundation or nutrient-rich and well-watered soil and support from which a shared endeavor can grow, blossom and generate the desired fruit in ample quality and quantity. ORIGINALITY/VALUE: The authors should be working toward co-design and co-production of contemporary MHSs in a mental health-care ecosystem.

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