Recent investigations on the evaluation of solar PV hosting capacity in LV distribution networks constrained by voltage rise

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Renewable Energy


Evaluation of the maximum connected solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity without violating stipulated network voltage limits is essential in managing the voltage rise in low-voltage (LV) networks under increasing solar penetration levels. In this regard, this paper reviews recent investigations completed in relation to solar PV hosting capacity (HC) assessment work in LV networks. A feeder based approach developed for evaluating solar PV HC constrained by over-voltage conditions in LV networks is summarised. Further, a novel nomographic tool developed for HC calculation based on the influential factors on HC as identified by solar PV location, feeder length/loading levels, conductor type and stipulated voltage limits, is reviewed. In addition, a three-stage solar PV connection criteria which was developed based on the rigorous outcomes of nomogram and the feeder based evaluation approach is presented in the paper. The HC assessment and solar PV connection criteria presented in this paper would be a contribution to further improvement of the available utility guidelines/standards on solar PV installations in LV networks.

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