An initial consideration of data availability issues in downscaling ocean accounting to inform sustainable aquaculture development: The example of Clew Bay, Ireland.

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Marine Policy


With the international prioritisation of sustainable development for management of marine resources and areas, those involved in marine industry are seeking how they progress their environmental, economic and social relationships, in a sustainable manner. Ocean accounting is an emerging tool that may enable stakeholders to integrate data and information from different disciplinary areas, bringing it together to facilitate sustainable development. The case of Clew Bay, Ireland is examined to see the extent to which ocean accounts may be translated to a regional marine area. The study identifies significant gaps between nationally available marine data sets and the regional requirements of ocean accounts. These reflect past marine governance, management and policy approaches and suggests that progressing ocean accounts in regional areas will require significant realignment and adaptation by agencies providing marine data to meet the needs of stakeholder groups such as aquaculturists. The case study indicates that pilot exercises based around ocean account information are required for government agencies and stakeholders to develop more integrated plans for a sustainable industry and regional community.

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