A large inverse photoconductance based on an asymmetric Van der Waals Bi-heterostructure

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Nano Energy


As a fundamental physical effect and a natural photoelectric response to light irradiation, traditional photoconductance (PC) is widely used in many aspects of our daily work and life. However, the lack of large inverse photoconductance (IPC) limits the development of optoelectronic technologies. This paper reports a large IPC with a ratio of 32.6 from an asymmetric Thin-graphene(Gr, ∼12 nm)/CsPbBr3-p-GaN/Thick-Gr(∼24 nm) van der Waals bi-heterostructure under a low drive bias of 0.10 V and an irradiation of 360.0 nm laser. Adjusted by asymmetric Gr layers and enhanced by CsPbBr3, the IPC with short response/recovery times of ∼100.0 μs is originated from the asymmetric energy band of p-GaN surface under 360.0 nm laser irradiation. The large IPC, demonstrating its application as an optoelectronic TERNARY logic gate with simplification and diversity, provides a strategy to promote the development of optoelectronic technologies.

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