Experimental investigations of foamed concrete with recycled waste glass powder wall panels

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Structural Concrete


Millions of tons of waste glass are produced globally. The use of waste glass in concrete is an environmentally friendly solution, contributing to sustainable construction practices. This study investigates the potential of using recycled waste glass powder (RWGP) in foamed concrete nonload bearing wall panels as acoustic barriers. This study investigates the axial and flexural behavior of wall panels constructed with foamed concrete incorporating RWGP. A total of ten 900 mm long and 700 mm wide wall panels of foamed concrete with RWGP reinforced with 7.6 mm diameter steel mesh were cast and tested. Five wall panels were 75 mm thick and reinforced with one layer of steel mesh and the other five wall panels were 120 mm thick and reinforced with two layers of steel mesh. The experimental results exhibited that 120 mm thick wall panels sustained significantly higher peak axial and flexural loads, bending moments, axial deformations at peak axial load and midspan deflections at peak flexural load than 75 mm thick wall panels. The available design codes of masonry structures underestimated the peak axial loads and the bending moments of wall panels by about 9% and 17%, respectively.

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Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australian Government



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