Computational fluid dynamics performance evaluation of grooved fins for surfboards

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MRS Advances


In this paper, we used computational fluid dynamics simulation (ANSYS CFX) to compare the performance of surfboard fins with grooves (and a bumpy-leading edge) to conventional surfboard fins. The simulations predicted the performance of each type of fins in terms of hydrodynamic forces and their behavior for angles of attack up to 45 degrees. Our results indicated that the pressure contours around fins with grooves (and bumpy-leading edge) were lower compared to pressure contours around conventional fins. The grooved fins exhibited a 13 ± 1% reduction in drag (coupled with a much smaller reduction in lift) at the stall angle, contributing to an overall 11 ± 1% improvement in the lift-to-drag ratio compared to conventional fins. Graphical abstract: [Figure not available: see fulltext.]

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