The experience of staff utilizing data to evaluate and improve person-centred practice: An action research study

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Journal of Advanced Nursing


Aim: Explore how nurses and midwives use patient experience data collected from a mobile health app to influence the development of person-centred practice. Design: Participatory action research, underpinned by the Person-Centred Nursing Framework and Practice Development principles. Methods: Six clinical units in a large health district engaged in three action cycles from 2018 to 2020 using a mobile health app. Nursing/midwifery staff on the units (N = 177) utilized data collected via the app to evaluate and improve person-centred practice. A pre–post survey using the PCPI-S was conducted to evaluate staff perceptions of person-centredness. Data from the surveys (n = 101 in 2018 and n = 102 in 2020) and 17 semi-structured interviews were used to understand the influence working with these data had on person-centred practice. The Guidelines for Best Practices in the Reporting of Participatory Action Research have been used to report this study. Results: Improvements in person-centred practice were noted across both data sets. There was a statistically significant increase in two domains of the PCPI-S in the independent t-test and across all three domains in the paired t-test results. Thematic analysis resulted in the identification of six themes: Getting everyone on board, once we understood, keeping on track, there's a person in the bed, knowing you're doing a good job and improving over time. Conclusion: Engaging with the data collected from the app in a facilitated and collaborative way results in increases in person-centredness. Impact: This study provides insight into how nurses and midwives used data from a mHealth app to evaluate and improve person-centred practice. Utilizing the data generated by the app resulted in increased person-centredness amongst staff and changes to practice and culture. Nursing and midwifery teams who are supported to engage with patient experience data in an action-oriented way will see person-centred practice improvements, affecting patients and staff.

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