Establishing the relationship between asset management and business performance

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International Journal of Production Economics


Recognising the relevance of asset management (AM) benefits in improving organisational performance by asset-intensive organisations is no longer sufficient. It is necessary to deepen and control how this truly happens so that organisations have confidence in AM investments that bring better returns to the business. This paper presents a theoretical model, AMBP Model, which offers enablers supporting the organisations to make better decisions in infrastructure investments, through the construction of a relationship map between AM key-processes, asset performance indicators (API) and business performance indicators (KPI). The relationship between these three elements is a result of the analysis of case studies in different sectors of the economy, publicly available on AM specialized sites or AM conference proceedings. Knowing ‘how AM process relates to Business Performance’, the aim of this paper, is a fundamental and helpful path to understand ‘how AM maturity impacts on business performance’, an issue that remains up to date in both the academic and business environments.

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