Coordinated Control of Grid-Connected PMSG Based Wind Energy System With STATCOM and Supercapacitor Energy Storage

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


In this paper, two coordinated control schemes have been designed for a grid-connected permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind energy conversion system with static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and supercapacitor energy storage (SCES) under various operating conditions. The coordinated control scheme-I (CCS-I) integrated a SCES into the DC-link through a bidirectional DC/DC converter to stabilize the DC-link voltage under varying wind speed and grid disturbances. The coordinated control scheme-II (CCS-II) implemented a STATCOM at the point of common coupling (PCC) to enhance the grid voltage stability during the grid voltage sag or swell. In CCS-II the SCES balances the active power while reactive power support is extracted from the grid side converter (GSC). The STATCOM is only activated when the reactive power requirement by the PCC exceeds the support capacity of the GSC. The proposed coordinated control schemes have been experimentally implemented with a dSpace MicroLabBox. Results show that CCS-I and II ensured the uninterrupted operation of the wind energy system and satisfied grid code requirements under various operating conditions and grid disturbances.

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