A Pencil Shaped 9-Level Multilevel Inverter with Voltage Boosting Ability: Configuration and Experimental Investigation

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IEEE Access


A comprehensive study of a minimized component pencil shaped (PS) 9-level inverter constructed with just two DC supplies is presented in this research. Many of the suggested low component multilevel inverters (MLIs) use DC supplies that are not being used appropriately along with additional conducting switches. Since this proposed MLI has a reduced quantity of power electronic switches, it is more efficient. The architecture may be expanded to a modular higher voltage level inverter, which uses less DC supplies and uses them correctly without the need of an extra H-bridge circuit. To determine their optimum capabilities, the proposed inverter parameters’ simplified formulas are constructed. Furthermore, the extended model of the proposed architecture is used to generate an optimum PSMLI design for lowering the total standing voltage (TSV) of the inverter. To demonstrate its advantages over recent MLIs of similar types, comparison studies are given to justify the proposed inverter. Through proper simulation and laboratory experiment, the MLI obtained a higher efficiency of 95.54%. On the other hand, the optimized 17-level version of PSMLI obtained total harmonic distortions (THD) of only 5.15% which successfully attained IEEE 519 standard performance.

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