Rechargeable Sodium-Based Hybrid Metal-Ion Batteries toward Advanced Energy Storage

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Advanced Functional Materials


Growing demands on energy storage devices have inspired a tremendous amount of research on rechargeable batteries. Future generations of rechargeable batteries are required to have high energy density, long lifespan, low cost, high safety, low environmental impact, and wide commercial affordability. To achieve these goals, significant efforts are underway to focus on electrolyte chemistry, electrode engineering, and new designs for energy storage systems. Herein, a comprehensive overview of an innovative sodium-based hybrid metal-ion battery (HMIBs) for advanced next-generation energy storage is presented. Recent advances on sodium-based HMIBs from the development of reformulated or novel materials associated with Na ions and other metal ions (such as Li , K , Mg , Zn , etc.), are summarized in this work. Daniell cell and “rocking-chair” type batteries are covered. Finally, the current challenges and future remedies in terms of the design and fabrication of new electrolytes, cathodes, and anodes for advanced HMIBs are discussed in this report. + + + 2+ 2+

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