Early career teachers’ adaptability and resilience in the socio-relational context of Australian schools

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International Journal of Educational Research


This study examines the enactment of early career teachers’ (ECTs) adaptability and resilience within Australian secondary schools. Conceptual underpinnings are explained by empirical studies on adaptability and relationship-cultural theory. Semi-structured interviews with teachers found that ECTs’ teaching experiences require cognitive, behavioural, and emotional adaptation and resilience, in response to the everyday vicissitudes of teaching. ECTs’ individual agency and capacity to enact adaptability and resilience were particularly challenged in classrooms and staffrooms. Self-reflection and supportive formal and informal relationships were seen to enhance ECTs’ capacities to enact adaptability and resilience. The study has implications regarding professional learning for ECTs that is built around strategic interdependent and individualised networks of support and professional growth within schools.

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