Distribution characteristics of spontaneous combustion zone and spray plugging fire prevention and extinguishing technology in goaf of roof cutting and gob-side entry retaining

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Caikuang yu Anquan Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mining and Safety Engineering


The spontaneous combustion in the open goaf of roof cutting and gob-side entry retaining is severe, and the characteristics of spontaneous combustion under this condition are not clear, so it is difficult to take effective control measures. In order to solve this problems, the PFC-FLUENT coupling calculation model of three-dimensional flow field in the goaf of roof cutting and gob-side entry retaining was constructed, the distribution characteristics of the goaf spontaneous combustion zone in the working face under different ventilation methods were analyzed, and then the phased spray plugging technology of roof cutting and gob-side entry retaining was proposed. The results have shown that the open goaf formed by cutting roof was directly connected with the gob-side entry, the gas composition and gas distribution in the goaf were significantly changed. Under the condition of "Y" type ventilation, width and depth of spontaneous combustion zone in goaf increased obviously, and belt spontaneous combustion zone appeared along the gob-side entry. "W" type ventilation was beneficial to reduce the air leakage into goaf, but there was an obvious spontaneous combustion zone that was near the open-off cut at the end of the gob-side entry and would not enter the suffocation zone with the advance of the working face. Plugging the stable area of gob-side entry could significantly reduce the air leakage in goaf, change the pressure field inside goaf, reduce the depth and width of spontaneous combustion zone inside goaf at the upper corner, and reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion in goaf.

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