Extraction and Identification of Effective Compounds from Natural Plants

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Journal of Composites Science


Most botanical species contain various types of bioactive compounds. This study focusses on the extraction and identification of bioactive compounds from Calicotome spinosa (Gorse), including flavones, α-linolenic acid and sugar. During the investigation of gorse flowers, leaves and bark, flavones were isolated from the bark and leaves. Calicotome spinosa showed a total isoflavonoid content of 1.5% from the bark of gorse and 1.3% from the leaves. To find the best conditions for flavone extraction, samples of Calicotome spinosa were extracted with different solvents (methanol, water and acetonitrile). Methanol was found to be a suitable solvent to selectively extract flavone. An unsaturated cis fatty acid (α-linolenic acid, C18:3 ∆9, 12, 15) was identified as the principal component of the triacylglycerol fraction from the flowers. Hydrolyses process conditions were used to study Gorse wood. The results indicated that the wood of gorse is not a suitable substance for making paper. The extracted bioactive compounds were analysed using NMR, GCMS, UV, TLC and Fibre Analyser techniques. The extracted compounds offered uses as antioxidants and agricultural chemicals in addition to other benefits.

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