Study of the Abnormal CO-Exceedance Phenomenon in the Tailgate Corner of a Low Metamorphic Coal Seam

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Given the difficulty of early warning of coal spontaneous combustion caused by continuous abnormal exceedance of CO in the tailgate corner of a low metamorphic coal seam and taking the 1305-working face of the Dananhu No.1 coal mine in Hami, Xinjiang as an example, this paper studies the abnormal CO-exceedance phenomenon based on field measurements, experimental research, and numerical simulation. The research shows that the abnormal CO-exceedance phenomenon is not caused by spontaneous combustion oxidation but by ambient-temperature oxidation of coal in the goaf. Factors, such as higher amounts of residual coal and higher degrees of fragmentation of the goaf, provide opportunities for the ambient-temperature oxidation of residual coal in the 1305 goaf. The 1305 coal oxidation characteristics at ambient temperature are examined, and the abnormal CO-exceedance mechanism is analyzed in depth. A CO-early-warning-limit model in the tailgate corner for coal spontaneous combustion in the 1305 goaf is established, and the scientific problems needing to be solved by further research are also discussed. The relevant research results have an important guiding significance for improving scholars’ understandings of CO exceedance in similar low metamorphic coal seams and the early warning of coal spontaneous combustion.

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