State-of-the-art technologies for volt-var control to support the penetration of renewable energy into the smart distribution grids

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Energy Reports


The currently deployed volt-var infrastructure for voltage optimization in distribution networks would be unable to meet the stringent technological requirements of the electric power grid of the 21st century. If not handled correctly, conventional voltage control systems could inhibit the ubiquitous deployment of renewable energy resources into the future smart grid. For example, the incorporation of renewable energy sources and the new types of energy storage systems in the distribution system provides a threat for the seamless voltage control. In order to overcome such barriers, smart volt-var control methods are needed to be studied and implemented. However, achieving such goals requires a complete background of the contemporary strategies and developments of the volt-var technologies. So far, various techniques have been developed to accommodate the large penetration of renewable energy sources into the distribution networks. This paper provides a comprehensive review on the current technologies that enable distribution system operators to select appropriate strategies for the volt-var control in renewable-rich power grids. This review article investigates the emerging volt-var technologies for the distribution network along with their advantages and disadvantages. It also outlines some of the open research problems and future directions in this topic.

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