Construction site layout optimization model considering cost and safety in a dynamic environment

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Asian Journal of Civil Engineering


The construction industry is a complex field that requires lots of planning to succeed. The first step of planning in a construction project is planning the construction site layout. This paper develops a model formulation to optimize the construction site layout from the perspective of cost and risk. The developed optimization model also takes into consideration the dynamic environment of a construction site. That is, it demonstrates the situation that occurs in reality, since facilities, locations and their dimensions may vary throughout construction stages. The model aims to minimize both the cost and the risk involved in the project in a dynamic environment. Both cost and risk are minimized for material flow, equipment flow, people follow, facility setup, facility dismantling and facility relocation. The model generated in this paper was solved by standard branch-and-bound technique using LINGO software. To verify the model, a case study was solved using the generated model and results were compared to the same project completed in reality.

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