Synergistic interface engineering and structural optimization of non-noble metal telluride-nitride electrocatalysts for sustainably overall seawater electrolysis

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Applied Catalysis B: Environmental


Searching for ideal candidates with high electrocatalytic performance for both HER and OER is a major objective to realize the large-scale H2 production by seawater electrolysis. Herein, we report delicate, heterostructured NiTe-NiCoN and NiTe-NiFeN electrocatalysts, which exhibit outstanding HER and OER performance, respectively. Impressively, the NiTe-NiCoN || NiTe-NiFeN couples in alkaline seawater solution delivered 400 mA cm−2 at 1.84 V along with long-term stability. Further analysis has revealed that not only heterogeneous interface engineering ensures exposure of abundant active sites and faster electron-mass transfer, but also induces electron modulation that optimizes the absorption/desorption for the reaction intermediates to enhanced the intrinsic activity. Notably, a high electric field intensity generated by the nanosheet-nanorod structure induces a local “hydroxide enrichment” environment that promotes the OER kinetics. This work shed lights on these novel heterostructured electrocatalysts with strong synergy, while demonstrating the key role of the unique nanostructures in high-efficiency seawater electrolysis.

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