Frugal innovation: Contact-less last mile delivery as résilient business model

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management


Recently, new ideas and thoughts have been developed in order to make the life quality of people easy and comfortable in almost every domain. This paper focuses on frugal innovation of global logistics provider who became important to both retailers and consumers around the world and especially in countries where the highest spending per person has been recorded. When last mile delivery become the nerve center of the e-commerce service during the global pandemic due to COVID 19, contactless delivery became new normal in last mile delivery. While operating in the region where postal addresses and post box information are not fully matured, operating challenges become very significant and therefore service innovation become vital for survival. Service innovation packed with an extended ‘service package’ are the competitive advantage in allowing people to get their facilities done in a fast, precise and accurate manner without wasting their time.

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