Critical Success Factors for Lean Construction: An Empirical Study in the UAE

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Lean Construction Journal


Research Questions: Q1) what are the Critical Factors that are essential for the successful implementation of Lean Construction? Q2) how can we put these factors into action to implement the Lean Construction? Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to find out the most important factors that are considered critical to successfully implement the Lean in Construction projects, and to develop a conceptual framework that represents the foundation for adopting Lean Construction. Research Method: The authors conducted a comprehensive literature review and a survey is used to collect data from local construction companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Collected data are then analyzed and used to answer the research questions. Findings: This study identified 13 Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Lean implementation in construction projects. The factors were then categorized into four main constructs that represent the pillars of the conceptual framework: Managerial, Organizational, Structural, and External Factors. A preliminary “Staircase Road Map” is proposed to guide construction companies in diffusing the Lean techniques. Limitations: The consistency of the research results and findings is dependent on the accuracy and reliability of the collected data from UAE construction companies. Also, the study focused on local construction companies with other stakeholders’ perspectives being excluded. Implications: The study proposed a conceptual framework that represents the foundation or the building block for applying Lean techniques in construction projects. Value for Practitioners: This study will enable construction companies to understand the key requirements and factors essential for the success of Lean Construction program, allowing them to focus on fulfilling these requirements before and during the implementation, thus reducing the chances of program failure.

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