Efficient Metal-Oriented Electrodeposition of a Co-Based Metal-Organic Framework with Superior Capacitive Performance

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An efficient cathodic electrodeposition method is developed for coating Co-based metal-organic frameworks (Co-MOF) on carbon fiber cloth (CFC), a widely used substrate in energy fields. The use of a highly active Co metal surface enables nucleation and growth of Co-MOF in 3D rodlike crystal bundles. When used as a binder-free electrode (Co-MOF/CFC) for supercapacitors, it shows a high areal capacitance of 1784 mF cm−2 at 1 mA cm−2, good cycling stability and excellent rate capability. The assembled asymmetric all-solid-state supercapacitor device (Co-MOF/CFC//AC) delivers a high energy density and power density. This work may open up an effective approach to realize the electrosynthesis of MOF films, promoting use in energy storage and conversion fields.

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CE 140100012

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Australian Research Council



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