The EdTech difference: Digitalisation, digital pedagogy, and technology enhanced learning

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Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice


This editorial is in support of an issue of the Journal that has a focus on educational technology (EdTech). With this in mind, this editorial will provide advice on how the editorial team for this section feels that educational technology will evolve into the latter part of the 2020’s, especially given the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples are given of how writing in this space has changed over the years of the pandemic, with a history of EdTech given, followed by an argument for the need for technology to be used in context. This is followed by descriptions of good practice around theoretical framing, methodology rigour, inclusion of the people element, and the need for the technology to serve a purpose. The piece concludes with a summary of where the editorial teams feels the field will go from here into the future. Throughout, practical examples of submissions made over the last few years are given to help illustrate a coherent direction. It is anticipated that this editorial will serve as a guide for future authors to use in service of better educational technology outputs in the future. Practitioner Notes 1. The use of technology in education needs to serve a purpose. 2. Theoretical framing is an essential underpinning of any EdTech practice. 3. EdTech research needs to ensure it embodies valid and reliable research methods and measures for evaluation. 4. Technology needs to enhance learning in all contexts, regardless of mode of learning. 5. EdTech researchers need to ensure that people and their behaviours are reflected in the technology-based processes.





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