High-entropy enhanced capacitive energy storage

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Nature Materials


Electrostatic dielectric capacitors are essential components in advanced electronic and electrical power systems due to their ultrafast charging/discharging speed and high power density. A major challenge, however, is how to improve their energy densities to effectuate the next-generation applications that demand miniaturization and integration. Here, we report a high-entropy stabilized Bi2Ti2O7-based dielectric film that exhibits an energy density as high as 182 J cm−3 with an efficiency of 78% at an electric field of 6.35 MV cm−1. Our results reveal that regulating the atomic configurational entropy introduces favourable and stable microstructural features, including lattice distorted nano-crystalline grains and a disordered amorphous-like phase, which enhances the breakdown strength and reduces the polarization switching hysteresis, thus synergistically contributing to the energy storage performance. This high-entropy approach is expected to be widely applicable for the development of high-performance dielectrics.

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Pennsylvania State University



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