Efficient IoT Management With Resilience to Unauthorized Access to Cloud Storage

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IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing


Cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) management services are a promising means of ingesting data from globally dispersed devices. In this setting, it is important to regulate access to data managed by potentially untrusted cloud servers. Attribute-based encryption (ABE) is a highly effective tool for access control. However, applying ABE to IoT environments shows limitations in the following three aspects: First, the demands for storage resources increase in proportion to the complexity of the access control policies. Second, the computation cost of ABE is onerous for resource-limited devices. Lastly, ABE alone is intractable to prevent illegal key-sharing which leads to unauthorized access to data. In this article, we propose an efficient and secure cloud-based IoT data management scheme using ABE. First, we remove the storage-side dependency on the complexity of the access control policies. Second, a substantial part of computationally intensive operations is securely outsourced to the cloud servers. Lastly, unauthorized access to data via illegal key-sharing is strictly forbidden. Our security analysis and experimental results show the security and practicability of the proposed scheme.





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