Artificial Intelligence Pathologist: The use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Healthcare

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2021 IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, GCAIoT 2021


Artificial intelligence is bringing revolutionary changes to so many industries, by introducing them to a new era, full of technological advancements. The healthcare industry has been one of the most beneficial to this change, by merging digital transformation and healthcare, to form digital healthcare. Thereby introducing digital pathology, which implements image processing algorithms to help pathologists analyze and examine a diagnosis faster and more efficiently. It not only reduces the long hours pathologists used to take in laboratory analysis but also reduces human error. Therefore, healthcare digitalization has allowed the integration of computer vision into the medical field, with the use of Artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning and machine learning algorithms. However, past research work has been limited to using AI models to diagnosis one specific disease at a time. Whereas this research work aims to develop an AI model that will automatically perform pathological analysis, to determine the diagnosis for multiple diseases from a medical image, then provide the medical report, while securing the patient's data, and assisting them with any questions they might have regarding the diagnosis. This research applies deep learning and machine learning algorithms for image classification via CNN architectures and feature extraction via Morphological properties. The model achieved great outcomes, with high accuracy and good F1-score results of 90.47% and 0.8332 respectively. The resultant model diagnoses 12 medical disorders, with an overall of 29 diagnostic cases, making it the only one of its kind in digitized healthcare applications.

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