Literacy transitions: Stories of surges, struggles and shape-shifting

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Australian Journal of Language and Literacy


There are many ways to approach the issue of literacy transitions. Transitions can be writ large; for example, the transition from print-based to digital literacies (Rowsell, in press 2021; Zammit, 2010), transitions between home and educational institutions (Heath, 1983; Moji et al., 2008), and transitions between those institutions and work (FYA, 2017). Here in this special issue, contributors consider transitions in a number of different ways: transitions from one grade level to another, transitions between settings (from preschool to school etc), transitions between subjects, and transitions between activities within a single school lesson. All of these conceptions of transition focus on particular points in time, points at which individuals experience shifts in activities, routines, environments and relationships. While large scale transitions are important to acknowledge and undoubtedly impact on individuals and systems, it is the demands of these more local, immediate shifts and their impact on young people that form the focus here as contributors explore transition in terms of the changing nature of literacy demands as learners navigate schooling.

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