1,6;2,3-Bis-BN Cyclohexane: Synthesis, Structure, and Hydrogen Release

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Journal of the American Chemical Society


BN/CC isosterism has been widely investigated as a strategy to expand carbon-based compounds. The introduction of BN units in organic molecules always results in novel properties. In this work, we reported the first synthesis and characterization of 1,6;2,3-bis-BN cyclohexane, an isostere of cyclohexane with two adjacent BN pairs. Its ring flipping barrier is similar to that of cyclohexane. Protic hydrogens on N in 1,6;2,3-bis-BN cyclohexane show higher reactivity than its isomeric bis-BN cyclohexane. This compound exhibits an appealing hydrogen storage capability of >9.0 wt %, nearly twice as much as the 1,2;4,5-bis-BN cyclohexane.

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