Structural challenges implementing international baccalaureate programmes in Australia

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Educational Reform and International Baccalaureate in the Asia-Pacific


International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes in Australia exist within a complex array of curriculum requirements that differ significantly across states and territories. Navigating these differing requirements creates tensions and, at times, conflict for principals. This chapter explores principals' perspectives on these tensions. After providing a brief history of the IB in Australia, a contemporary profile is provided which highlights the diversity of implementation. While principals overwhelmingly endorse the value of an IB education, four challenges are identified: balancing the requirements of local and national cur¬riculum priorities, duality of curriculum requirements and structures, the consequent financial impera¬tives of this duality, and a specific tension related to the provision of additional language instruction. Supporting principals to manage these tensions effectively remains a challenge for the IB to address.

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