An Optimized and Outage-resilient Energy Management Framework for Multi-carrier Energy Microgrids Integrating Demand Response

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


Given the frequency of power outages caused by recent crises, including high-impact natural disasters, power and energy supply must be more resilient and cost-effective. Owing to this necessity, this paper presents a grid-connected multi-carrier energy microgrid that can provide continuous energy for both electrical and heating load demands at a low cost. The model employs a demand response scheme based on time of use and integrates with the proposed microgrid. Several energy sourcesphotovoltaics, batteries, and a combined heat and power (CHP) unit and associated dispatch strategyare optimized using the deterministic mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) algorithm. The proposed model is tested in a hospital California, USA. The results show the benefits of the demand response program in terms of techno-economic output when compared to the system without its implementation. Several simulation results also demonstrate the model's effectiveness and resiliency in maintaining a continuous energy supply in the midst of power outages at various times of the year, while also lowering costs.

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