Big data utilisation and its effect on supply chain resilience in Emirati companies

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International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications


This study investigates the impact of the effects of big data analytics on supply chain resilience. The Big Data Analytics (BDA) expertise of management and personnel, as well as the Supply Chain (SC) resilience dimensions of preparedness and agility are considered in this research. This study tests five main hypotheses using data obtained from an empirical survey collected from 128 Emirati companies, which were analysed through the partial least square method of structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) using SmartPLS 3.2. The measurement model created was reflective and contained a total of 31 construct indicators. The results showed that the construct of ‘big data analytics capability of planning' as demonstrated by expertise of Emirati companies in the UAE management has a significantly positive influence on SC preparedness. In addition, SC preparedness has a direct, positive influence on SC agility which are preparedness for the companies towards digital transformation initiative in the UAE. The study will be helpful for the logistics industry of the UAE and worldwide to understand the need and importance of the BDA aspects and related capability planning for business resilience at times of such global pandemic.

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