DEM Modelling on the Interface Behavior of Geogrid-Stabilized Sub-Ballast

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This paper presents a study on the interface behavior of geogrids and sub-ballast (capping) using a series of large-scale direct shear tests and discrete element modelling (DEM). Direct shear tests were carried out on sub-ballast with and without geogrid inclusions. The laboratory test data show that the interface shear strength is governed by normal stress and types of geogrid. The three-dimensional DEM was used to study the interface shear behavior of the sub-ballast subjected to direct shearing loads. Irregular-shaped particles of capping aggregates were modelled by clumping of many balls together in appropriate sizes and positions. Different types of geogrids were modelled by bonding small spheres together to form the desired grid geometry and apertures. The DEM model was then used to investigate the evolutions of contact force distributions and fabric anisotropy during the shear tests and the role of geogrid in micro-mechanical perspective.

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