The Effect of Hysteresis Loss on Magnetic Entropy Change in Highly Textured Mn-Ni–Sn Melt-Spun Ribbons

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Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism


Highly textured Heusler alloy Mn44.7Ni43.5Sn11.8 ribbons were prepared by melt spinning. The magnetocaloric properties were evaluated by the direction of the magnetic field along the ribbon surface and perpendicular (H∥ and H⊥, respectively) for the same sample with the field up to 10 and 15 kOe. While the maximum magnetic entropy changes only a little difference (5%), the hysteresis loss (HL) and net refrigerant capacity (RC) have been significantly affected by the crystallographic texture of the magnetic field of 10 kOe. The amount of the RC reduces about 10% (H⊥) and 30% (H∥) due to the HL, respectively. The highly textured Mn-Ni–Sn melt-spun ribbons can be potentially applied in industrial magnetic refrigeration.

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