Research on Straw Weaving Modeling System Based on Machine Learning Algorithm

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Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies


With the rapid development of information technology, many traditional fields are undergoing radical changes. As a branch technology of artificial intelligence, machine learning can not only replace manual intelligent computing, but also realize reasonable data extension based on existing data. Although this kind of technology has a strong advantage of the integration of modern industries, many traditional industries still can’t glimpse into its value. Just like our country’s straw weaving skills, straw weaving works in different regions show different regional cultures and living habits. However, with the practicality and decoration of traditional straw products are gradually replaced by new products, they can no longer meet the aesthetics and requirements of current consumers. Although the craftsmen of the older generation are conscientious, they lack the consciousness of pursuing the current trend, so the traditional straw-woven modeling is gradually out of touch with the social needs. Therefore, this study puts forward the research assumption of using modern technology to drive the development of traditional straw-woven modeling and explores the straw-woven modeling system based on machine learning algorithm technology.

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