Views from the Border: Perspectives of Gifted Student Needs from Early Adopters of the High Potential and Gifted Education Policy

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Australasian Journal of Gifted Education


In gifted education, the relationship between policy and practice can be greatly influenced by individuals within school contexts. The perspectives of school leaders and teachers influence both the interpretation and execution of gifted policies. The New South Wales Department of Education’s High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE) Policy is mandatory for all public schools in New South Wales from 2021, replacing the Gifted and Talented Policy of 2004. This study investigated the views of school representatives on the needs of high potential and gifted students. Participants were from schools selected as ‘Early Adopters’ of the HPGE Policy. A qualitative design was used and structured interviews were conducted with 10 participants from a total of four ‘Early Adopter’ schools and networks. The data demonstrated that assessment and identification practices, building teacher capacity, and the role of educators in the process of talent development were key points of concern.

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