The Wet–Dry Cycling Corrosion Behavior of Low-Carbon Medium Manganese Steel Exposed to a 3.5% NaCl Solution Environment

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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance


This work utilizes wet–dry cycle corrosion tests to investigate the corrosion behavior of medium manganese steel by analyzing its corrosion kinetics, corrosion phases, surface morphology, cross-section morphology, elemental distribution and electrochemical characteristics. The corrosion process was divided into two stages, and the change is due to the unique transformation of corrosion products. The mixture of β-FeOOH and MnO2 in the corrosion product up to 72 h causes an increase in redox ability and electronic transmission rate and enlarges the specific surface in the initial corrosion products. The transformation of the unique mixture determines the transformation of the corrosion process.

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