Impact of Sustained Supply Voltage Magnitude on Consumer Appliance Behaviour

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IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery


Voltage rise caused by high levels of distributed generation is manifesting as voltage regulation challenges for many electricity network operators. In this environment it would be ideal to reduce supply voltage magnitudes, however, many network operators are hesitant to do so due to concerns related to appliance operation at reduced voltage magnitudes. Voltage regulation requirements are defined by network standards and network service providers must ensure voltages remain within specified limits. Through an extensive evaluation of domestic appliance performance when supplied at various voltage magnitudes this paper examines the impact of varying voltage levels on residential appliances. Equipment energy demand, operation and actuation were monitored for each applied voltage magnitude. While no equipment failures were recorded, appliance behaviour varied significantly with applied voltage level. Individual appliance conservation voltage reduction factors were also established. The results highlight the importance of good voltage regulation and provide substantiated appliance performance figures for future studies. The outcomes of this paper allow electricity network operators to understand the implications of supply voltage magnitude on domestic appliance performance, whether it be understating of the impact of higher voltage magnitudes caused by distributed generation or implications of reducing voltage magnitudes to provide headroom for distributed generation integration.

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