Universal Sinhala Library: Language Specific Encryption Platform for Sinhala Language

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2022 8th International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, ICMRE 2022


Security has become a significant challenge in the modern world. Number science and mathematics opened up a vast path to work with programming models to create innovative mechanisms which improve text encryption. Universal Sinhala Library is a Sinhala language-specific text encryption platform. Platform architecture has been designed to demonstrate every possible combination of the Sinhala alphabet, including comma, space and period. The hypothetical architecture includes every book that ever has been written in Sinhala, and every book that ever could be, including every poem, every scientific paper and every piece of document in Sinhala. The main goal of the research is to create an encryption mechanism for the Sinhala language. Linear congruential generator and extended euclidean algorithm have been used along with the Hull-Dobell Theorem to outline the backbone of the encryption platform. At present, it contains all possible combinations of Sinhala characters virtually. Sinhala text to be encrypted should be searched in the platform, and it will return the location of that particular text in the virtual library architecture, which is the encrypted text string for the searched Sinhala text. It is helpful to the people who are using or working with the Sinhala language, moreover for sharing and transferring Sinhala context securely.

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