ArkiCity: Analysing the Object Detection Performance of Cloud-Based Image Processing Services Using Crowdsourced Data

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Green Energy and Technology


ArkiCity is an innovative smartphone application that enables citizens to share local knowledge and ideas about their city by taking a photo, augmenting that photo with a set of 2D and/or 3D objects and submitting both images to a backend storage service. As an effective crowdsourcing tool for smart cities, ArkiCity advocates for a more inclusive approach to urban design and bridging the gap between citizens, planners and decision-makers. ArkiCity has been trialled in ten local city councils in Australia and Denmark and has received near 1,000 end-user submissions. In this chapter, the utilisation of such crowdsourced data for training object detection models is proposed, and the performance of a cloud-based computer vision service, in terms of its accuracy in identifying the cutout objects used in these submissions, is analysed.

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