Fog Assisted Industrial IoT Module for Cycle Time Capturing in Apparel Industry

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2022 International Mobile and Embedded Technology Conference, MECON 2022


This paper introduces a solution for cycle time capturing in the apparel industry. Currently, the entire cycle time counting operation is manually carried out, leading to inefficiencies in strengthening the operational level observations and the inability to identify the non-value addition activities of the operations. The cycle time capturing module is designed to capture events from operation lines to visualize real-time dashboards. Dashboards are displayed in front of each factory line to give performance alerts to machine operators when necessary. In addition, gathered data is integrated into the cloud platform, which will provide data analytics. The module's four main components include the mobile application, which captures cycle time from the user-end, business administration application designed to get the business and planned information to the system, dashboard and the fog node. The proposed system potentially improves the real-time decision-making process by providing real-time alerts and real-time analytics. Furthermore, it promotes the production level efficiency and effectiveness by supporting critical key performance indicators (KPI) to drive continuous improvements in production.

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