Cobalt Single Atoms Enabling Efficient Methanol Oxidation Reaction on Platinum Anchored on Nitrogen-Doped Carbon

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Developing efficient platinum (Pt)-based electrocatalysts with high tolerance to CO poisoning for the methanol oxidation reaction is critical for the development of direct methanol fuel cells. In this work, cobalt single atoms are introduced to enhance the electrocatalytic performance of N-doped carbon supported Pt (N-C/Pt) for the methanol oxidation reaction. The cobalt single atoms are believed to play a critical role in accelerating the prompt oxidation of CO to CO2 and minimizing the CO blocking of the adjacent Pt active sites. Benefitting from the synergistic effects among the Co single atoms, the Pt nanoparticles, and the N-doped carbon support, the Co-modified N-C/Pt (Co-N-C/Pt) electrocatalyst simultaneously delivers impressive electrocatalytic activity and durability with lower onset potential and superb CO poisoning resistance as compared to the N-C/Pt and the commercial Pt/C electrocatalysts.

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